Excerpt from White Feather

He is awoken by the sounds of commotion outside. Was it just his head or did he hear shouting. The clock on the wall seems louder now, like it is masking something else. He listens hard. There. He wasn’t tricking himself. There was shouting coming from outside. Kip pulls himself up out of the chair … Continue reading Excerpt from White Feather


Last Report • 05

He finds a chair and sits in it. “Emma?” Somewhere deep inside the computer of the ship millions of tiny switches turn over on themselves. “Finished your soup?” “I’m surprised you weren’t watching me.” “I’m just an AI, and while I don’t understand privacy I’ve been told to respect it.” Gabriel laughs under his breath. … Continue reading Last Report • 05

Things I learned from writing my first full-length play.

Formatting in Microsoft word is not fun. Especially not action directions. Proper formatting is my favourite or least favourite thing, depending on how fast I want to write. I have a chronic habit of forgetting which way is Stage Left and Stage Right. Telling a story almost entirely though dialogue has given me a newfound … Continue reading Things I learned from writing my first full-length play.