Last Report • 02

When he emerges the vat has been drained. The pressure cloth lies around him like tattered rags.

His body feels renewed, in a way. His muscles feel like they are filled with water.

“How long was I out?”

“Three more days. I have been nursing you back to health.”

“I can’t remember anything.”

The AI cannot be seen anywhere. No face, only a soft, soothing voice. The interior of the ship glows.

“Would you like me to tell you where you are and what your purpose here is?”

He rubs his eyes. He can almost see clearly again. His sense of space is returning.

“I have nothing better to do.”

“You have volunteered for an attempt to find habitable extrasolar planets. You, among 300 others, have been sent on trajectories towards known star systems that harbour planets in habitable zones.”

A collection of memories returns. Synapses fire all at once and visions flood back to him.

“I remember.”

“Stasis isn’t perfect but it was pretty close when they sent you up. Your memories should be all preserved.”

He stands up, nearly stumbles, navigates his legs outside of the stasis tube. It is like he has forgotten how to walk. He has to brace himself on a computer console.

“Don’t worry. Your legs still need some time.”

As if on cue, his legs give way, and he falls back down into the stasis vat.



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