It starts with dirt in the ground, resting dark and dormant.

A second passes. A year passes. Within the pile of dirt the shape of bones appear. Forming out of nothing in the darkness, a skeleton takes shape.

While rain falls upward the ground begins to shift into something new. It collects in places, hissing and fizzing. A form begins to slowly take shape over the span of weeks. Dirt collects on the skeleton in different ways. It grows thicker and thicker until it takes the form of an aged human being.

The ground heaves and a coffin forms out of the dirt and surrounds the recomposing skeleton. Worms pass, leaving behind bits and pieces as hours go by.

The coffin closes around the body. It lies in wait.

Shuffling. The muffled thumping of falling dirt grows louder and louder. The sound of scraping wood.

Creaking ropes. Sweat mingles with sunshine.

A clean coffin is brought into the sunlight. A body is brought out of its grave.

The reverse birth.

An old man is born to the tears and sadness of his relatives.



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