Things I learned from writing my first full-length play.

Formatting in Microsoft word is not fun. Especially not action directions. Proper formatting is my favourite or least favourite thing, depending on how fast I want to write. I have a chronic habit of forgetting which way is Stage Left and Stage Right. Telling a story almost entirely though dialogue has given me a newfound … Continue reading Things I learned from writing my first full-length play.


Last Report • 02

When he emerges the vat has been drained. The pressure cloth lies around him like tattered rags. His body feels renewed, in a way. His muscles feel like they are filled with water. “How long was I out?” “Three more days. I have been nursing you back to health.” “I can’t remember anything.” The AI … Continue reading Last Report • 02


It starts with dirt in the ground, resting dark and dormant. A second passes. A year passes. Within the pile of dirt the shape of bones appear. Forming out of nothing in the darkness, a skeleton takes shape. While rain falls upward the ground begins to shift into something new. It collects in places, hissing … Continue reading Reverse